Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Yo Santa Drew - Elf Garth at Your Service

Hey Santa Drew,

I've got Mommy and Daddy's presents hidden behind the tree... actually I'm trying to hide one in this picture, but I'm not doing a very good job. I guess you could call me Hound Elf, 3rd Class (since this is my 3rd and final bounce). I'm still learning the ropes, but should be all ready to join you on your sleigh ride delivering packages tomorrow night.

If I heard Mommy and Daddy right, they said they were taking us on a W-A-L-K tomorrow night through the neighborhood to look at the lights and hand out treats to our friends. Wait a minute, those better not be our treats from our Howliday Pawty!

I saw Daddy hide some toys in my stocking today, shhh... he doesn't know I was looking, but I did. He said no peeking, so I turned my head away for a minute, but I think it another mailman toy. I should have the squeeker killed in under 20 seconds on that lame toy, er, I mean greyt toy!

Santa Drew, thank you for making my Christmas wish come true - a wonderful family who loves me for Christmas! That's the best present ever!


Zan said...

Merry Christmas Elf Garth!!

Enjoy the day with you family!

Stowe and Maria said...

Those photos are hilarious. I wish my dogs would tolerate the beard like that!

alex said...

Merry Cristmas to you too, Elf Garth- how did that M&G go?