Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Garfy... 2 weeks and counting

Wow, a little over two weeks have passed since the sweet little man Garth came to live with us. I just wanted to give a quick update on him.

Before we got him Marie had mentioned to the vet that she noticed a lump on his throat, so when we took him back for his dental and to have his stitches removed they looked at the nickle sized spot and decided to remove it. They sent it off for a biopsy and we're happy to report that it was benign. So now he has more stitches. That and during his dental they removed several of his front teeth... poor guy. Being the complete optimist that he is, none of this has gotten him down :-)

We have discovered that he REALLY likes squeaky toys despite what his previous owners said. He has a particular love of the ones that have the box inside them like the screaming money. All of those around the house are now broken. The last one he killed took all of 30 seconds to silence... and he loves tennis balls!

Basically Garth is just being the great sweet lovable hound we knew he would be and he's a great addition to our expanding pack.

Seniors rock!!!


Maria Peters said...

Ha! It's so easy to call him that. LOL.

Glad to hear that he's in good spirits. He looks fabulous. Sorry to hear he lost a couple of teef.

Give him a hug from me!

Addie said...

Garfy sounds like a wonderful man-hound, and I hope he feels ok after his ordeal. :-)

Bruno and Hoover are with Garth on this one...they think squeakies are the bomb!

Give your senior sweetie a get well soon hug from me, and roo from the boys.


alex said...

Glad that the lump was found to be benign, and that "Garfy" has been keeping his spirits up. Glad to hear that the removal of those teeth did not lessen his ability to silence those screaming monkeys.
Now I have the song "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" stuck in my head. No fair!