Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ho Ho Ho from Santa Drew

Santa Drew here. I've asked my main elf to post a couple of pictures of me begging... er, uh, putting on a couple extra pounds for my busy day tomorrow evening. We certainly don't want Santa Drew working on an empty stomach now do we? Which reminds me, don't forget to leave me out a tray of cookies. Rumor has it I'm not very picky. Just no wax fruit. Now on to the important stuff. The naughty or nice rule -- out the window. I wouldn't even be able to bring myself a bag of treats with that rule in place. I Santa Drew personally find it almost impossible to stay out of trouble for more than 6 hours. For some reason my elves call me 'Drew No' when I cause mischief. Not sure what's up with that. Elves... go figure.

Any who, I'm off to take a nap. Santa Drew needs his beauty sleep you know. I'll see all the wonderful greyhounds of the world tomorrow night.

PS: don't tell Handy and Garth, but they're really not getting a bag of coal under the tree. I just made that up because they took the couch the other night.

UPDATE: This is Santa Drew again. Hopefully I can get off probation before tomorrow evening. To underscore the reason that I removed the naught rule, when Daddy elf and Handy went to the mailbox I suddenly felt compelled to rip to shreds one of Mommy elf's favorite Cooking Light magazines. I was just looking for healthy cookie recipes... honest. It's not my fault they make um out of flimsy old paper.


Zan said...

Dear Santa Drew- We'll be sure to leave lots of cookies for you.
We'll probably have to sample one or two though. Thanks for suspending the naughty or nice rule - that's a great relief. We were worried!

Love Nick & Rosie
PS Your beard makes you look very distinguished!!

Patti said...

Dear Santa Drew, our only Christmas wish is for Foster girl Red to leave our house. She takes up too much of Mommy's time and we are all terribly jealous. We don't think Mommy will keep Red and get rid of us, but she is a nuisance and we want her GONE! Can you do that for us?

With much love,
Remi, Sugar and Lucy (who is often called Lucy No for . . . who knows why?)