Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oops - Sometimers...

What can you say, I'm 82 in people years. I forgot to post my winning Photo from the Photo Bone-anza contest. Please see your ever present Princess, er, Queen, pictured in my 4th of July Finery... 1st Place! Roo-hoo, Roo-hoo!

Back From the Beach - Sandy Paws 2009

Whew, what a windy event, but we still enjoyed a little sand in our toes, the luxury of each sleeping ON our own bed at the condo - some sort of mix up mom said. We like mix ups! There were several notable events to report.

Drew: They said I did a 3-holer. I have no idea what a 3-holer is, but someone took a picture of it and said they were going to post it on their blog. I just thought I was doing an exceptional job of 'taste testing' the BurpDog Biscuits. They were offered to me... until I decided it was easier to help myself to the bowl. I ever so carefully put both paws on the table, without upsetting or knocking anything down, and took a 'couple' of biscuits in one bite. Everyone laughed, so that means I did good, eh?

Garth: I rode my first elevator - holy crap! I didn't like seeing the ground disappearing below me - let me out of this thing, NOW! However, I was especially fond of the ice cream social - my first ever! I didn't like the stairs in the condo - I coaxed Dad to sleep downstairs on the sofa by me so I didn't have to use them much. I came home with a dashing new 2Hounds Design everything Green collar! I know the ladies will like me now!

Handy: I'm the ever present PRINCESS. Did I tell you I was a Princess, er, Queen I mean! I was showered with collars, jackets, 'bling', and donations for SEGA. Oh yeah, and I was the Red, White and Roo Winner in the photo contest. Something about a big ribbon and an electronic photo frame. Who needs that stuff... I was content to prance about to show everyone that a senior is not diminished soul - Dad says I was the high stepper at Sandy Paws! The beach was a little windy for my likes.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sandy Paws - 4 days and counting....

Drew and Handy are looking forward to attending their 2nd Sandy Paws event in Jekyll Is, Ga this week! For Garth, it will be a new and challenging experience.

We had hoped to stay in our same room on the 2nd floor overlooking the beach at the south end of the resort, but Garth is very challenged by stairs lately, so we'll be on the 1st floor to make his stay more wonderful.

Garth will be modeling his new Pirate Costume, and Handy will be in her Easter Best. Drew gets a bye this year since he dressed as Santa's Little Helper last year. He was considering as going as Deputy Dog, but he couldn't find any custom chaps to fit his strappin' hind quarters.

We'll post some pictures when we get back - the weather schedule is still mixed. We just hope it doesn't flood like last year!

Drew and Handy are both looking forward to the Ice Cream Social after dinner on Friday! It was definitely a high point of their vacation (2nd to getting to sleep on the bed!).

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vote For Drew - Bissell MVP Photo Contest 2009

Drew is a ham-bone. He'll do anything for a little attention. He's also a well know 'Poser'. His photo will be displayed March 3-10 at the Bissell website. The top 5 photos as voted by the viewer will advance to the finals in several weeks. The overall winner will be awarded a $10,000 donation to the charity of their choice. Drew's favorite is Southeastern Greyhound Adoption - the group that got him his current gig at Poolie's Pooch Palace in Hiram, GA.

He is featured with a few of his latest 'reading accomplishments'. His favorite was Animal Speak. He says personally Handy holds the TALKING STICK in our family; he just listens. He's heard the success to a good READing Paws partner is listening 80% of the time, and begging for treats the other 20% of the time. Personally, I think he has his statistics backwards. He's begging most of the time when we're out in public - more like begging 95%, listening 5% of the time!