Friday, August 21, 2009


SEGA is in the planning stages of putting a Poker Run together with one of our Meet & Greet Host locations - Gene Evans Harley Davidson South Atlanta. Our resident videographer, Carleton Holt, recently shot a music video for the country western band Fletcher. Fletcher has tentatively agreed to play a concert for the attendees when the run concludes at Gene Evans.

Gene Evans Harley has been a greyt M&G location for SEGA. We've had several adoptions this summer from that new location, AND the visitors are good tippers! Gene Evan's always has hot dog and hamburgers grillin' when SEGA arrives, and the riders and momo shoppers show up by the dozens to sample the fare, and meet our wonderful hounds! Here are a few pictures from our M&Gs earlier this summer.

Busy Busy Busy

It's been a busy summer for our pups!

Let's see - Meet 'n Greets - Marietta Farmer's Market, Dallas Farmer's Market, PetSmart in Acworth, Dallas and Douglasville, READing Paws at the Peachtree City and Newnan Libraries, Wine Tasting at The Wine Market, and Dog Days of Summer at At The Collective in Inman Park. I think my pups have more miles on the 'Roo than I do going to work 5 days a week!

Our 5K race planning is coming along GREYT! The committee has done a fantastic job on recruiting sponsors for the event. Being the M&G Chair for SEGA, I am always looking for an angle for our hounds.... Chick-fil-A is one of our sponsors, so what's the worst that could happen? They could say NO to my request. So I asked, "Would it be possible for several of our members to hand out fliers about our 5K race with a few hounds in hand?" Well, I guess the owner is a dog lover - Ralph said YES! So, our plan is to have all Black and White Cow Doggies come for the M&G at CFA. The store will provide The Cow for a photo op with the store owner.... won't that make for a GREYT story in CG! I'd like to think that this partnership with CFA and our greyhound Cow Doggies will be a big hit for our race!

One other activity this summer... The Pope High School 'Greyhounds' will have their mascots on the field again for football season starting next Friday night! Last year's opening night featured 21 SEGA greyhounds for the cheerleaders to take onto the field to kick off the night's festivities.

Well, you might say we were called up from the minors about a month ago. Head Coach Kemper contacted me to see if we could provide A as in One Greyhound for pictures with the Senior FB Players for their annual poster. Well, I was able to round up 10 on short notice, but unfortunately, it was late in the day and the pictures didn't turn out too well. Fast forward two weeks, I received another call on Friday to see if we could provide Greyhounds again for pictures on Saturday (the next morning!). Well, SIX greyhounds showed up for that photo - and the posters should be out soon. See my version of the photo below...

How COOL To have the School Mascot in your photos for the class of 2010!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

97 Days until the Athletes Helping Athletes 5K race in Kennesaw, GA

The 40th Annual Peachtree Road Race is in the books, and now it's time to speed forward to the annual Greyhound fundraiser, the Athletes Helping Athletes 5k Race being held in Kennesaw, GA this year on October 10th, 2009.

This unique 5 k race not only features vendors and awards, but SEGA has incorporated a LARGE Meet & Greet into the event by pairing the competitors with 'Running Mates' for the race. In 2008, there were 61 Greyhounds in attendance who wore Large Red Paper Dog Tags with various information including their name, age, adoption date, favorites treats, games, toys, race record, and other various traits or qualities that they share with their families. In the runner's registration packet was the matching dog tag. At the conclusion of the race, the runner could Meet Up with their Greyhound Mate. It was quite exciting as a greyhound owner to get to meet the runners that were matched up with Drew and Handy last year.

The runners didn't have to meet the greyhound they were paired up with, but many did. It gave the competitors a good feeling knowing how the entry fee benefited the SEGA adoption process. One of my close friends, Vickie DeFoer, Corporate Payroll Manager at the Atlanta Journal Constitution was one of the runners. She is pictured below with me and Melanie Carter (another local payroll professional) with Drew and Handy.

Carleton Holt, owner of Granite Digital Imaging, captured the excitement of our event in a video that is posted HERE. Please consider becoming part of the excitement, even if you're a virtual runner (participate through donation only) we'd love to have your support of Greyhound Adoption! We even had several adoptions occur during the year from runners that participated and never considered a greyhound as a pet. That's our goal - to educate, share and have fun doing it!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stick Out Your Tongue Challenge

Drew, burp... Scallywag and scurvy hound that he is with drool lacing the carpet all around him....

rocky creek scottie adventures is hosting this contest in celebration of their 100th post! Visit their website for more details and see if your hounds has what it takes to blow a raspberry in your face!

Monday, June 22, 2009

SEGA's Latest Hound Haul + One

Queen Trent - Plus One

Where's My Bird

Kiowa Stan Eddie

Movin Excitement

Craigie Maudeen

Alert the Feds
What a name for a little female!

Faithful Lindsey

Above are photos of our latest batch of hounds from Jefferson County Kennel Club - PLUS One! We took possession of a beautiful black female named Queen Trent or Queenie from a lady in Columbus. I know she won't last long! Craigie Maudeen is a real looker!