Monday, December 8, 2008

Handy's Gotcha Day!

We've officially had our Handy for one year today! She's really brought some spirit into our lives. She turned 10 in September, and you wouldn't know it from the wheelies she pulls in the foyer when her leash jingles, or by the skids she leaves on the linoleum as she slides sideways to the back door. She's always up for a car ride especially, or a little zoomie in the back yard.

I know you're thinking - did she get the cat? No, that's Scrappy that she's kissing. Scrappy thinks he's the alpha pet in our kingdom. He ceremoniously chases and scratches the hounds when they first come to the Poolie animal kingdom, just so they know who's boss. Handy went along with his prank to appease him. She already knows who's the boss, and that all righteous royalty live inside the house, not outside!

We found Scrappy in the retention pond behind our house 3 years ago. He only had fur on his head and tail; he was bare skin everywhere else. He weighed 4 lbs, and is missing parts of both ears with many scratches on his body. We can say he is the best 'guard animal' we have. He sits on the driveway at the street and warns all the other neighborhood animals to steer clear of his property line. I've seen him duking it out with an opposum on the back porch over a bowl of catfood. You guessed it - the opposum took flight off the deck, missed the stairs, went boom on the ground, and took off running for a tree. Scrappy was in hot pursuit to make sure he went where he camest from...


Addie said...

Ok, I know I'm a day late here, but I just have to say Happy Gotcha Day to Handy! Congrats to you all!


Patti said...

And I'm real late!! But Happy Gotcha Day to Handy, too! I'm so glad you guys found each other and Garth, too. What a family you have! Aren't they the best though?