Monday, December 22, 2008

Garth aces his first public outing

I'm so proud of our little man Garfy. Yesterday he ventured out to his first greyhound social event (the howliday treat exchange) and he took it in like a champ. I was a little unsure how he would handle it. When we picked him up at the kennel he was initially a bit shy and his first trip to PetSmart was almost sensory overload for him, but over the last month his confidence level has really grown.

So with optimisim we took him into a room full of 30 some old unfamiliar hounds and about the same number of strange people. He quickly got in line to sniff every rear-end in sight and seemed to enjoy the attention he got.

Handy on the other hand, was just generally put out with us that we disrrupted her Sunday afternoon nap to take her to that noisy place. She stood the entire 3 hours. I did share my pizza crust with her, which is one of her favorites, so all was not lost.

Drew... well, was typical Drew. He made an apperance in his Santa's Helper costume (complete with fake beard this year) then promptly layed in the floor the rest of the afternoon. Sometimes I think he's more three-toed sloth than greyhound.


Maria Peters said...

I'm so glad that he was a good boy. I'm sure he brought lots of cheer. How is he doing on his thyroid meds? Glad you saw my post, since Garth was on the floor. Give him a gentle hug from me. Has his fur grown back over the attack site?

Zan said...

Sounds like a successful outing for both hound and human. I'd love to see a picture of Drew in a beard.

Poolie said...


I'm sure Garfy would love to get that hug directly from you, but I will make sure he knows it's from his foster mom. We try to get them out to as many greyhound gatherings as we can so I'm sure you'll get to see him soon.

We put him back on his meds and had him re-tested by our vet and his blood work came back normal so she wants to leave him at .8 twice a day, but wants to re-test again in a month just to be safe. His fur is just peach fuzz for now, but is sporting a fancy dancy 1.5" Christmas collar which hides about half of his neck.

Zan, I think I can accommodate that request for a picture of Santa Drew. I'll post one later this evening.