Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday's Sweet Face...

Handy's not the most photogenic subject. She always manages to look away, yawn, turn sideways, have her tongue hanging out, and so on. She usually looks like a grumpy old lady! Well, her personality is exactly the opposite. She's wound up like a top when she gets her 'special' collar and necklace on - the lady of the house must dress for off-site adventures to meet her adoring public.

I finally captured her true spirit in this photo - she'll be 11 in September, but her spirit is that of a loving hound just off the track looking for that new forever home. Honey Handy - we're glad you picked us to provide a pillow to lay your head upon in your senior years. You are a beauty!


Life With Dogs said...

She is a beauty, and this is a perfect shot!