Monday, May 4, 2009

A New Take on Meet & Greet

This weekend was a very busy Meet & Greet weekend for SEGA. We were at the Pets & More USA Expo in Norcross, the May-retta Daze Arts & Crafts Festival in Marietta, the Hiram PetsMart, and at least 7 different Belk department stores for their charity day event. The hounds were in and about town all weekend.

I had to share a whole new meaning of Meet & Greet. While at the May-retta Daze festival on Sunday afternoon, we were greeted by a costumed FOX. Hmm, fox and hounds - there couldn't be a better team. Well, Ms. Carbella had to meet Reynard, The Red Fox, up close and personal. She started with the head.... and ended with his tail end.

Everyone at our booth just cracked up guessing that she would move to sniff his tail. He got down on all 4's and lifted his tail for her to smell.

Scotty came along and started sniffing too. However, when Scotty started to sniff at his front leg, Reynard must have had just about enough humiliation, and he high-tailed it down the street to the Canine Assistance Companions for a visit.

Meet & Greet - Scratch & Sniff....


Life With Dogs said...

Any pics of the dog chasing the fox? :)