Saturday, May 30, 2009

Marietta Farmer's Market M&G

Each Saturday May - June and in September, SEGA has a M&G booth at the Marietta Farmer's Market. We are 'limited' to 3 hounds each visit, but that doesn't keep us from providing a little additional color variety for potential adopters to observe. Today we had 8 hounds in all today, and were very mindful not to block any other vendors from potential sales. Personally, I think the dogs draw people to the area we are in.

We've started using gorgeous Donation Jackets from Christel Ausman at Cottage Hound Designs. What a difference in fun'raising that has made for our SEGA organization this spring! Christel gets her silk fabrics from Alisha at 2Hounds Design, so you can get a matching coat and collar set if you really want to show you're hound as a fashion statement. In just the special M&G events this spring, we've collected over $750 in donations (that we normally only put a jar out that collects at best $20).

Seriously take a look at the quality workmanship and creativity that Christel has to offer. We always collect more than the cost of 1 jacket in one outing. Today we collected $163 in 4 hours! You could say that Nikki and Handy in their purple jackets are 'strippers' - they lure dollars from the small children and get them stuffed them in their jackets.

Handy is pictured above in her Donation Dog Jacket in purple with Teal Dragonflies. She is being admired by Jenna K of Mr. K's Cookies at the market. Jenna is a weekly regular, and was promoted to hound holder this weekend. Mr. K is being bit by the GH bug - he started asking questions today - maybe we'll have an application from him by the end of the summer!