Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ms. Nikki is a Super Star!

Ms. Nikki is adapting very well to our home. She is our first attempt at rehoming a racer straight from the track. Our 3 previous adoptions were all bounces. After two days, Nikki has mastered 3 different sets of stairs, managed to wade up to her neck in the lake, and she alerts us every time we come down the stairs. "Yes Nikki, we are coming down stairs again."

Yesterday was her first day off leash walking from her spay. She decided that chasing Drew was just her speed. She chased Drew around the yard on the 'inside track' until he was wore out. He usually plays keep away from us, but he can't seem to outrun Ms. Nikki and she wanted to play with him. He has always seemed to want Handy or Garth to play with him, but both were older and showed no interest. Now a tiny 5 year old comes along, and he can't keep up!

She slept well on a dogbed in our room last night, but did spend part of the night looking out the window. We're not sure what she was looking at, but she seemed relaxed. Drew seems a little paranoid that she will step on him and occasionally make a little whine to warn her away.

Handy seems to be taking to Nikki just fine too. Nikki is all wiggles, kisses and wags right now. She seems quite comfortable in our home, and we're sure glad to have this WONDER WOMAN living with us!

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Ms. ~K said...

Looking Good, Ms. Nikki!!!
So glad you found your Fur-ever home!!!

Hugs and Rubs,
Zack, Sassy and Buddy