Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Sugar - Autism Benefit Meet & Greet

Brando and Miss Kit Kat with a Balloon Bunny

Handy & Ms Eda

Brando and an adoring Pony at the Day's Chevy Autism Benefit
"I'll Race Ya!"


Ms. ~K said...

Love your pups and blog!
What a fun event to attend.
Brando is almost as big as the pony!
I'm adding you ro my favorites!

ykngld said...

Thanks Ms. ~K

We'll have to meet up if you're in North GA. Drew is TDInc and will be a READing Paws pooch by the end of the week hopefully. Do you participate in the READing Paws program as a retired teacher?

Thanks for joining my blog - I'm trying to do better to post more often!