Thursday, April 2, 2009

Handy's Meme from A-Z

Brother Drew - I'll best you on this throw down! Since everything is all about ME, this will be EZ!

A: Affectionate
B: Brilliant
C: Cuddly
D: Diva
E: Extravagant
F: Feisty
G: Gorgeous
H: Handy, of course
I: Incredible
J: Joyous
K: Kind, One of a
L: Love love love
N: Needed
O: Over the Top because I'm not over the hill at 10 years old!
P: Princess - my mom's name was Beautiful Queen, so I'm a Princess by birthright
Q: Queen - I'll meet you at Rainbow Ridge mums, but I'm a Queen for the moment
R: Rambunctious
S: Special
T: Tinky Winky - the peeps call me this all the time - it must be endearing :-D
U: U know it's all about ME
V: Vivacious
W: Weeee, We get to ride in the ROO
X: Xtra Special
Y: Y - Because I said so!
Z: Zoomie - I was the '01 Derby Champ at JCKC

Garth, it's your turn next... Bet you can't top my list 'Guard Dog'