Thursday, April 2, 2009

Meme from A-Z: Drew Style

Most of you know, Food Rulez my World! So here's my attempt at my A-Z list:

A: Apples - Pink Lady is my favorite, but Honey Crisp will do too
B: Banana's - every good racers recovery fruit
C: Chocolate - peeps say it's poisonous according to the vet bills from my previous adopter
D: Ding Dongs - never had 'em, but they sure look good on commercials
E: Eclairs - more chocolate!
F: French Fries - waffle fries from Chick-fil-A to be specific
G: Green beans - mom's diet food for me :-(
H: Hot Dogs - like me!
I: Ink Pens - they have a good crunch to them
J: Jerky: Beef, Turkey, Goat, Elk, Moose, Caribou, bunny-jerky
K: Kong - all things that fill my Kong every day
L: Liver treats - freeze dried
M: Mooshies - Marshmallows, roo hoo
N: Noodles - whole wheat healthy ones
O: Old Mother Hubbard treats
P: Peanut Butter, Popcorn, Potato Chips, Pig's Ears - my favorite letter of the alpha-bet
Q: Quaker Oats - Quiche just isn't my style
R: Rice - brown and crunchy
S: Steak - medium rare to be exact
T: Tomatoes - picked right from mom and pops plants in the garden! Hee hee
U: U-name it, I'll try it
V: Venison all natural jerky treats
X: X-tra helping of everything, please
Y: Yogurt - the 'fresh aire' solution
Z: Zucchini - raw, not slimy sauteed

The peeps told me I'm supposed to play tag when I finish this. Problem is, Handy and Garth don't like to play tag with me. Are there any other greys out there that want to play tag with Me?


Angela said...

I think you're right, your Drew and my Macy must be related. She's not a big fan of kibble, but she will NEVER turn down a tasty treat - jerky, butter, peanut butter, steak, chips, cookies...sounds very familiar!!!