Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Duds for the Buds!

Garth has been in our care for 2 months now, and we finally have a beautiful new jacket for him. We fell behind the Christmas orders, but there wasn't a hurry. Brother Drew loaned his London Fog coat temporarily while Garth's was being made to order: 28" L x 31" G x 10" C (length, girth, chest). His measurements were quite different from Drew's. Garth has a cute hump in his back which makes his girth measurement a few inches larger than Drew's even though he's 15 lbs lighter on the scale.

With the winter season still with us, we thought it appropriate to order his a jacket with fall leaves on it. We're surrounded by stand of hard woods, and many are red oaks, known for dropping their leaves in the spring. Garth looks so dashing in his new design by Kerry McMullen of NoNudeHounds designs. Kerry posts the photos of her jackets being modeled by the subjects she makes them for. There is a cute picture of Handy and Drew on the bed at Sandy Paws wearing the jackets that Kerry made for them last year.

Garth also received a rain jacket, but since it hasn't rained yet, he hasn't modeled it. It is an olive green with a moose camping motif in flannel as a liner. Kerry extended the flannel lining around the neck to give a nice accent. If you want special home made jammies, unitards, jackets or raincoats, please visit Kerry's website at

For those of you who have seen Drew in his Pope HS Football Jersey, Kerry made that up for him in 2-days so Drew could wear it to 4 of the 6 home games this year. Drew and the Pope HS Students really love his matching outfit. I've attached a video of Drew as the Mascot at the Homecoming Football game in October. It was the first home game the Greyhounds had won all year. Maybe Drew and his goofy run down the field had something to do with that! Go Drew, Go Greyhounds!


Zan said...

Love the new duds!!

Drew looks like he was having a blast snacking and bounding down the field.

Maria Peters said...

Smashing, simply smashing!

KF-in-Georgia said...

Poor Drew! He does his nicest "sit" and his cheerleader isn't impressed; she doesn't want to reward him, she wants him to stand back up!

But he looked great, and he clearly was having a good time...even if his cheerleader didn't "get it."

ykngld said...

Zan - at the next game, Drew nearly pulled one of the male cheerleaders to the ground at the start of the charge by making a hard Left - I think he had a flashback to his training days.

Thanks Maria!

Kathy - his sit is getting much better since he's learning to tuck his legs under him. He practices on his own in the morning when I let them out. When he's finished doing his business, he'll go to the center of the backyard and sit facing south? to wait for a treat...

Life With Dogs said...

Looks like Drew was lucky not to be run over :)