Monday, February 16, 2009

Drew's Back in the Saddle!

The tests are back. Drew has early stages of Arthritis in his right front shoulder, and that's it! His intermittent limp in the hind end did not present itself in the X-Rays, however... his little Tea Lite party from December did. He is still carrying around small, pea gravel sized wads of wax in his stomach. The vet thought they were rocks, but we watch him like a hawk in the backyard at playtime; he's never to be trusted alone. It seems that several of these 'Pea-lites' passed today during his stay at the vet's office.

He started on Adequan for his arthritis after we confirmed there wasn't anything else going on with his bones and joints. We'll be making two trips to the vet each week for the next 6-8 weeks and then a tune up once a month after that to keep his joints as healthy as can be. I've been told it works wonders in horses.

He bounded out of the back room like a pup again or a kid in a candy shop, "Where's the treats? I was really good today! I didn't even need a sedative for my hip X-rays. Doc said I was the perfect patient!" Drew, we wish you didn't have so much practice as the patient, darling! He's also taken another pound off - he's officially below 85 pounds - 84.3 to be exact! That's 5 pounds since last August. Way to go Drew!


Debbie (Emma's mom) said...

Drew, good luck with your Adequan. It helped my pony and horse feel much better.... more so than any kind of oral supplement. Maybe the vet will work with Mom so she can give the shots at home...saves time and money. The lab at the barn also did well on these shots, so hope they work for you!