Sunday, February 8, 2009

Go Drew Go

Jon and I have been a little worried about our Drew lately. He's developed 'the limp'. We visited the vet on Tuesday (Drew's 2nd Gotcha Day) for a check up and some X-rays. Dr. Lugar wasn't able to get a shot of his hips since initially he was only lame in his right front leg/shoulder. So from what she was able to shoot, he is developing arthritis in his right front shoulder. His rear knee and lower leg looked fine. She suggested Adequan for his arthritis since it is in the early stages.

She also indicated his thyroid was a little low, but wanted to retest to be sure since he isn't displaying any of the typical symptoms.

As you can see from this video, he doesn't appear to be lame. Problem is that he 'loses his head' when it comes to playtime, and even if he is hurt, he forgets! This was 2 weeks ago when we returned from the inaugural National Lure Coursing Club meet in Cartersville. We'd hoped to let him chase the lure once since he loves to run and chase, but it appears this isn't in Drew's future. We'll stick to the READing Paws therapy goal for now.


Zan said...

Happy belated Gotcha Day Drew!! I hope the Adequan helps.

Patti said...

Ah, he is having so much fun! I hope the medicine helps his arthritis!!

Addie said...

He sure does run and play like a pup, doesn't he? I like the part where he just fell down on his side but kept the football in his mouth...he's a real handsome boy!


Poolie said...

Addie, that football is like his best friend. When we take him into the back yard, he scans the yard for it and takes off like a wild man to snatch it up and play with it.