Monday, June 22, 2009

SEGA's Latest Hound Haul + One

Queen Trent - Plus One

Where's My Bird

Kiowa Stan Eddie

Movin Excitement

Craigie Maudeen

Alert the Feds
What a name for a little female!

Faithful Lindsey

Above are photos of our latest batch of hounds from Jefferson County Kennel Club - PLUS One! We took possession of a beautiful black female named Queen Trent or Queenie from a lady in Columbus. I know she won't last long! Craigie Maudeen is a real looker!


Michelle said...

They are all beautiful!! =)

ykngld said...

My bet is Queenie will go first, Maudeen 2nd, and then who knows from there. Maudeen has a lot of positive, loving energy to give.

Angela said...

Who could resist those sweet faces??!!!

ykngld said...

Queenie fka Queen Trent has been adopted by an Assistant Principal and his family with 3 children ages 2, 4 & 6! What a sweetie she is!

ykngld said...

Alert the Feds, Craigie Maudine and Faithful Lindsey were adopted this weekend.

ykngld said...

Forgot Where's My Bird was adopted too - GREYT weekend!

Alert the Feds will become a Therapy Dog like Drew - Roo Hoo!