Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sandy Paws - 4 days and counting....

Drew and Handy are looking forward to attending their 2nd Sandy Paws event in Jekyll Is, Ga this week! For Garth, it will be a new and challenging experience.

We had hoped to stay in our same room on the 2nd floor overlooking the beach at the south end of the resort, but Garth is very challenged by stairs lately, so we'll be on the 1st floor to make his stay more wonderful.

Garth will be modeling his new Pirate Costume, and Handy will be in her Easter Best. Drew gets a bye this year since he dressed as Santa's Little Helper last year. He was considering as going as Deputy Dog, but he couldn't find any custom chaps to fit his strappin' hind quarters.

We'll post some pictures when we get back - the weather schedule is still mixed. We just hope it doesn't flood like last year!

Drew and Handy are both looking forward to the Ice Cream Social after dinner on Friday! It was definitely a high point of their vacation (2nd to getting to sleep on the bed!).


BrittBeah said...

Oh, please do post and let us know how Sandy Paws goes.
I had never heard of the event before and only recently found out about it (just after verifying our vaccation schedule). It is so sad, we made vaccation plans to Jekyll for the end of April with my greys going with us (I hate that they are going to miss such a cool event). I wish we could reschedule and get to enjoy my favorite vaccation spot and my favorite pets. I had no idea how pet friendly the island was, this will be our first visit to the island with pets in tow. We are definitly going next year!

ykngld said...

Hey Britt,

You will definitely want to put it on your schedule for next year - mid March! There will be several rooms of vendors, photo contests, seminars, and a lot of socializing. There will be around 200 greyhounds there. The group Roo and Photo was a hoot last year - Drew nearly jumped in the pool from fright when all the greys started roo-ing (he turned his but to the camera). Our Miss Handy was queen Roo-er in the front row.