Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Photo Tag

Okay, just remember folks, you asked for this. I know the rule is to share the 6th picture from your 6th photo album and tell about it, but I'm organizationally challenged and only have one 'My Pictures' folder with a gazillion images in it. So to simulate some randomness, I opened the folder, scrolled down and just picked one. Well, my selection will probably assure that I never get tagged again, but here goes:

It's about two years ago towards the end of Spring on a wonderful Saturday afternoon when the call of nature knocked so I wandered off to the upstairs hall bathroom, grabbed a magazine to read, sat down and started to flipping pages. All of a sudden there's a splash... Uhhh, what the h#ll, that wasn't me. So quick as a flash I pop up, spin around to find a frog swimming in the toilet. Thank goodness it didn't wait a couple more minutes to announce itself or I might not have been so eager to retrieve it and put it the yard.

Apparently having frogs in your toilet is not that uncommon. Honest, put 'frog in toilet' in Google and see for yourself. Ever notice those pipes that stick up on top of your house? Those are vent pipes. We have a large tree that partially hangs over one corner of the house and the tree frogs fall off onto the roof, why I do not know, and for some even stranger reason feel compelled to jump down those vent pipes. After a short swim they pop up in your toilet. So far we've had it happen twice. One in the down stairs bath and one in the up stairs hall bath.

Now tell me that won't make you look twice before you sit down from now on.


Nigel, Sola and Co. said...

That one will stay with me!

Addie said...

I had no flipping idea this could happen. I'll never, ever sit down without checking again. Seriously!

I remember hearing as a kid growing up in Arizona that scorpions will sometimes spend the night in people's shoes, so you should always shake your shoes before you put them on. I still shake my shoes - in Georgia!

Interesting picture, for sure. Thanks for sharing it!


Zan said...

Oh My :-0!! Fortunately, I've never found anything in a toilet that didn't belong there. He's kind of cute though.

Addie- my mom once found a scorpion in her bed in Alabama, so you're not just being OCD.

Maria Peters said...

Love the pic! Hilarious!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...


Patti said...

Too funny - I would just die and hereby vow to check the toilet from this day forward.